Basic Photo Boot Camp Course

If you have tons of photos out of control and want to learn how to organize, find, and easily share them, this is what you've been waiting for!

This is your hands-on opportunity to use your FOREVER Storage account and see how easy it is to get your photos under control.

What's In Store For You

* Expert-led training sessions

* Hands-on practice to reinforce your skills

* Ongoing support and community engagement for a lasting impact

* Storage account demo

* Personalized organization strategies

* Confidence

This Class Is For You If

  • You want to easily find your photos on your phone/tablet

  • Want to quit paying for extra data on your phone

  • Be able to easily share photos privately

  • Keep your photos safe & secure

  • Have a simple way to organize your photos

  • Create a legacy that lasts a lifetime

What Others Are Saying After the Class

"I am very thankful that I attended Photo Bootcamp! It was informative, interesting, and self paced. Lisa guides you through each step and gives you time to complete that step. She helps you feel comfortable in using your Storage Account. I highly recommend taking this class."

~ Brenda Baker, OK

Register for the class today!

You will love the format of the demonstration followed by the opportunity for you to then do the same thing with your photos and after the four quick steps you will be on your way to having one home for all your photos and videos!